1 Million Madly Motivated Moms

Our Mission

1 Million Madly Motivated Moms is a member-led organization working to eliminate police brutality through legal action and advocacy and increase representation in the criminal justice system by supporting the talent pipeline of diverse attorneys, judges, police officers, and other criminal justice professions.



Our Values

Democratic Process


We believe in the democratic process. All strategic action is a product of the collective brain trust of our members through a voting process.

Collective Action

We believe that the power of one compounds exponentially when joined with the power of others. We work together to create a wave of strategic action across the country. We pool our resources, both human and monetary, to create momentum in our advocacy and education efforts.

Transparency & Integrity

We believe that honesty and integrity are critical to the effectiveness of our organization. Financial and organizational records related to our work are made available to our members to review.

What We Do




Crowdfund, vote, and deploy action plans alongside like-minded sistas. 

Membership in 1M4 unlocks access to our internal crowdfunded initiatives including a victims assistance fund for members who find themselves in the unfortunate position of experiencing police violence first hand.

Members vote on how 1M4 funds are dispersed so that we can effectively provide support for legal representation, law suits, and advocacy.

In addition to providing support for ongoing legal matters, we develop detailed action plans that help members target lawmakers, legislators, and decision-making groups that have the power to change the laws and practices that fail to hold officers accountable. Members are assigned a specific target and given instructions on how to call, write, and demand action.

When Black women work together, we WILL make a difference.

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What We Do




We need more Black talent entering criminal justice professions.

In order to increase our representation among police officers, lawyers, judges, and policymakers, we provide educational resources to parents and caregivers to help create a pathway to education for young students.

We want our children to aspire to be more than a professional athlete or choose a profession based on perceived access to wealth.

You can’t be what you can’t see. We want to influence how young Black girls and boys see themselves in the criminal justice system — as authority figures and voices of influence. By providing access to information and people in these professions, we will increase opportunity and flood the criminal justice system with exceptional talent.